First coronavirus case hits Poland

Polish Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski said that the first case of coronavirus was confirmed last night and the patient was hospitalized in Zielona Góra.

‘We could only inform when we got a positive test result. We received the first verification last night. The patient was a person coming from Germany and people who contacted with him/her are quarantined at home’ Minister Szumowski says.

It usually manifests as fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches and fatigue. The severe course of the disease occurs in about 15-20 percent. For now, deaths occur at 2-3 percent.

Wherever you are on Earth, it is useful to be a little bit careful right now. We also bought our N95 masks from the internet. It may not be available in pharmacies in Poland. For this reason, you can get it from the internet. You can search by typing ‘Maska N95‘ on Google. Unfortunately, there are those who sell at exorbitant prices. Carefully investigate – you can coincide with the cheap.

It spread faster in other European countries.

There is a serious problem, especially in Italy. You have read that even markets in Milan are looted. In many countries, especially Italy, Germany, Greece, fairs and events are either canceled or postponed.

As the Minister of Health said, the first official statement and verification came. We cannot guarantee that this number will not increase. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from crowded environments. Dozens of events have been canceled in Europe. The epidemic spreading from China, as it will continue to negatively affect the world for a while.

Save the emergency number!

If you live in Poland, you can ask for help as a coronavirus support line at 7 days 24 hours: 800 190 590.

Stay safe! 

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