Astronomers are afraid of a cyber attack caused by an alien civilization

Internet technologies are developing on our planet at an incredible pace. Unfortunately, therefore, new and extremely dangerous threats are emerging, associated with malware, viruses and cyber attacks.

The purpose of all of them is to steal secret information or paralyze the functioning of strategic industrial centers of the attacked companies or even entire countries. The best example is the famous: Stuxnet, WannaCry or NotPetya.

Astronomers say, however, that the most powerful and most terrible cyberattack on the global network in human history can occur from deep space and come from an alien civilization. Researchers from Germany and the United States have published a scientific article in which they see the source of a threat in a hacker attack that can be carried out to Earth by foreign hackers through terrestrial space communication systems with space-traveling devices.

At the moment, many institutes receive signals from the depths of space and analyze their essence in search of traces of intelligent combinations. For example, SETI does. The problem is that the entire scientific infrastructure is connected to the Internet, so that the acquired data can be quickly processed and analyzed in centers located in various parts of the planet.

Although they are protected by passwords and the latest encryption systems, ordinary hackers can easily steal or destroy them, which has happened many times in history. Our security systems, however, can be something completely pathetic for highly developed, foreign civilizations.

Astronomers from Sonneberg Observatory and the University of Hawaii note that aliens can not only send us a specially crafted Trojan as extremely interesting information and infect thousands of computers from major research centers around the world, but also gain access to the energy and transport infrastructure management systems of countries, nuclear weapons or even force web-connected robots to attack us.

The good news can only be the fact that if a foreign civilization inhabited exoplanets, more than 40 light years away from us, i.e. the recently famous planetary system TRAPPIST-1, watching the Earth will not know that humanity has advanced computers, because they will simply they knew our picture from the past (40 years ago).

Also, the extremely secure quantum communication systems quickly developed, e.g. by the Chinese, should help better protect the global network and devices connected to it against threats that may come from deep space. It will also be a good idea to create small internal computer / server networks not connected to the Internet in any way. Then you can limit the effects of any cyber attack.

Either way, we should keep in mind that in the era of the Internet of Things, in which virtually all electronic devices are connected to the Internet, we shoot the doom of ourselves. Well, these are the splendors and shadows of technological progress.

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