Yves Rossy is back with the autonomous jetpack

The first man who flew over the La Manche Channel with a jetpack attached to his body now returns with an improved version of his unusual invention.

Yves Rossy is a man of legend. His spectacular flights to the Atlantic Ocean were jet-watched by millions of people around the world. Now the Swiss has returned to show everyone a new version of the backpack that has autonomous functions. A fighter pilot and designer spend the refinement of a jetpack the last few years.

Hard work has brought new opportunities. The Swiss can now fly in full autonomous mode. Interestingly, during a flight it can stop in place, just like a helicopter, and hang for some time. Autonomous technologies also allow him to perform new acrobatics, as well as smoother vertical take-offs and landings.

The new Jetpack is equipped with a new drive based on P550 turbines. They allow you to develop faster speeds and more precise maneuvering. Now Rossy can travel several kilometers at a speed of up to 180 km / h. His new performances can be seen on the attached footage.

A significant increase in security is also significant. Artificial intelligence watches over the entire course of the flight and provides important information to the pilot, so that he can make more precise decisions and thus more efficiently use fuel, i.e. ultimately extend the flight time.

In 2016, Yves Rossy, along with his friend Vince Reffet, made a crazy and dangerous flight with jetpacks over Dubai. They became part of a world-class group of aerial acrobats from the Breitling Wingwalkers team. The artists performed acrobatics in flight, standing on the wings of a pair of Boeing-Stearman model 75 biplanes, and the jetmen stuck right behind them. The show, as usual, took place on Dubai, and more precisely on artificial islands.

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