The autonomous incarnation of the iconic DeLorean began to drift on the track

DeLorean is a cult car well known to all fans of the movie series Back to the Future. Now we can see its autonomous version, which appeared on the racetrack and began to drift.

Behind the project are engineers from Stanford University, which is located in the famous Silicon Valley. They modified one of the vehicles in perfect condition. The vehicle Marty traveled in time was packed with the most modern electronics.

The DeLorean effect called Marty (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw) has two electric motors with up to 7000 Nm. They were mounted on both rear wheels. There was also a powerful braking system and a new steering system.

On the roof of the iconic vehicle there is a GPS antenna and communication system, thanks to which engineers can drift this electric monster in real time. You can see the effect of their struggle on the published film material.

Engineers at Stanford University did not initiate their project for fun. The goal was to test the latest technologies developed. The acquired data will allow to improve the algorithms and take the safety of travelers with the latest autonomous cars to a new level, which will soon go on sale.

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