Rolls-Royce wants to break the speed record with its new electric plane

The luxury car manufacturer presented its latest project – the ACCEL electric plane and announced that it would set a new speed record with its help.

Rolls-Royce is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry. And now he has an appetite for much more. The company presented the ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight) electric plane, which is a zero-emission one-passenger plane.

A new project from Rolls-Royce

The aircraft was shown on December 19 at British Gloucestershire Airport. Its creators announce that in the spring of 2020 they will attempt to break the speed record. According to their assumptions, the aircraft can reach speeds of over 480 km per hour. The current record for an electric aircraft is about 338 km per hour.

– This is not only an important step towards trying to break the world record, but also […] ensuring that we are at the forefront of technology development that can play a fundamental role in enabling the transition to a global low-carbon economy – emphasizes Rob Watson, director of Rolls-Royce Electrical.

Necessary changes in the aviation industry

The aviation industry is responsible for 2 percent. global carbon emissions. That is why more and more companies consciously approach the problem of climate change and strive to create a global low-carbon economy.

“We are acquiring know-how not only to be a pioneer in zero-emission aviation and electric aircraft, but also to be a pioneer,” said Matheu Parr, ACCEL project manager.

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