We can lose all our savings if we pay by card for fuel

An American company that issues payment cards has just announced that it has found evidence of data being stolen from automatic fuel dispensers.

Getting the data of our payment cards into the wrong hands is a serious matter, because although today we have a number of different security features, it’s really easy to lose your savings in this way. As Visa informs, cybercriminals have just found a new method of stealing them, all due to a series of new attacks on POS systems (i.e. simply terminals installed at retail and service outlets used to contact the bank via the authorization center when the customer chooses card payment) and fuel dispensers at gas stations.

Visa describes one of the cases in which a hacker, impersonating another institution, sent an email to the seller, which he remotely installed in the Trojan store network. It was enough to get into the POS environment and install the tool necessary to pull out payment card data. There were other similar cases of hacking into the network of the institution that was the target of the attack to then access the payment terminal and customer data – also from the level of distributors at gas stations.

In the latter, however, we are dealing with an attack aimed at magnetic cards, where the data carrier is a magnetic stripe, and the reading is done by dragging the card in a reader responsive to changes in the magnetic field. These are still widely used as payment cards, which according to Visa decided to use a criminal group called FIN8, because it is responsible for the attacks. This is surprising, since we have not heard of attempted attacks on distributors before, so many people injured in this way did not even combine the unpleasant event with paying for fuel.

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