Play will launch a 5G network in the Tri-City

The operator officially announced that it will be the first in Poland to provide commercial 5G network at the beginning of 2020 in Gdynia. Now news is coming to us when exactly this will happen. The beginning of the New Year will be hot at Play!

It turns out that it will be much faster than everyone thought. Play is to launch 5G technology and present its offer to customers as early as January 7, i.e. in 2 weeks. The operator has 100 4G / LTE base stations in the Tri-City. It’s a lot. They are modified for 5G.

First, in Gdynia, the 5G network will operate at 2100 MHz, i.e. the one on which 4G / LTE currently operates. After Gdynia, the time will come for Gdańsk and Sopot. As a result, it is not enough that Play will announce the first company that will offer 5G for regular users in Poland, it will not have to wait patiently for holidays for auctions related to 3400-3800 MHz frequencies.

The operator is to have Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 routers with a 5G Balong 5000 modem, as well as to offer clients smartphones supporting the 5G network, such as: Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, Huawei Nova 6 5G and Honor V30. Currently, approximately 47 percent of Poles are within the 4G / LTE network with a frequency of 2100 MHZ. This means that this is how much it can soon connect to the 5G network that will be based on these transmitters.

Of course, let us be fully aware here that the initial development of 5G in our country, including the technology offered by Play, will not offer full access speeds to the global 5G network. For this you need special transmitters designed for networks of the future and higher frequencies (3400-3800 MHz), which are to be implemented in Poland in the second half of 2020.

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