English bookstore in Warsaw: thebooks.pl

Do you know where to find English books in Warsaw? We visited the English bookstore in Warsaw and made a great interview with the founder Paweł Woźniak.

It was always a big trouble for us to find a bookstore which we can find English books. Finally we have found ‘thebooks.pl‘ and can recommend you all to get there if you are also looking for English books in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

You should definitely watch our interview with the founder of the bookstore Paweł Woźniak. We stayed there around 2 hours and watched the clients coming to the store. It is obvious that there are many people are in love with this place and regularly they visit and get their books.

It is great that there is an online platform that you can order your book from anywhere in Poland, and they send you quickly.

Here you can watch the interview we made with Paweł Woźniak:

Web: http://thebooks.pl
Facebook: http://facebook.com/thebookspl
Address: ul. Puławska 140, 02-624 Warsaw

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