Can foreign students work in Poland?

Can we work at the same time while studying in Poland? How are the conditions? Can students easily find work?

Whether you’re studying undergraduate or graduate, you may want to work when you come. As much as we can, we wanted to convey the subject with a realistic point.

At first we must mention that this post affects mostly NON-EU students in Poland.

Students who study ‘FULL-TIME’ in Poland also have the right to work. Additionally, you may also have the right to work during summer holidays. But studying ‘full-time’ is the most important rule for this matter. If you study ‘PART-TIME (in Polish:niestacjonarne)‘ which means mostly ‘WEEKEND SCHOOL’ , then at first you cannot work while studying, and plus you are not going to be able to work ‘without work permit‘ once you graduate. Well, this is a very important decision. Because if you study and complete a full-time (in Polish: stacjonarne) program (bachelor, master or phd degree), then you are going to be waived from the work permit to work in Poland. After the graduation, you can sign contract with a company quickly and apply to resident permit with your contact and diploma.

Is it easy to find a job as a student?

It is not easy to find a job even as a graduate. But there are dozens of students and new graduates we know, and they find jobs in some way. When you graduate from a program which is on weekdays, it is more comfortable for companies. The worst feature of a student is that you have to go to school. That’s why you need to find ’flexible’ jobs. Usually students are either waitresses or taxi drivers (Uber etc.). And when you want to work as a student, some companies may want to see the student card. But some companies think that if there is no card, there is no permission to work (which is not true at all).

Many students prefer to work in restaurants and cafes. The main reason for this is that school hours do not match the workplaces. If you do things where time and space are not important (such as informatics, art or photography / video), we think you can be more comfortable in this matter.


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