How our world will look like in 2069!

The Korean group decided to show us what everyday life will look like in the future. It should not surprise anyone that changes will occur in virtually every field, and all this is due to technology.

The KX50 project: The Future in Focus was created among British scientists and futurists who, like nobody else, know what will be popular in the world in 40 years. Of course, we should treat the visions of the future of Samsung as a curiosity, because the future has already surprised and disappointed even the greatest experts many times.

Everything seems to indicate that the future is growing metropolises in which futuristic and intelligent skyscrapers will lead. They will be environmentally friendly, and some of them will even become self-sufficient eco-food farms. Tasty and healthy food is to be produced deep underground.

City dwellers will move around with autonomous and electric capsules and sky taxis, and between them metropolitan hypersonic planes. Samsung specs believe that road freight transport will virtually disappear. Most of the production will take place locally in factories, high-rise buildings and private homes.

Our health will be supervised by intelligent microrobots that will monitor our health status directly from within the organisms. Apparently, most people will give up traditional meat for insects, worms and test-tube meat.

When it comes to digital entertainment, specialists think that it will move to the world of virtual reality, where we will be able to create our own worlds and enclose ourselves in them for days and even months. We will no longer work as hard as now, and we will devote every free moment to gaining new and interesting experiences through a global network with which we will be permanently connected thanks to brain-computer interfaces.

Our civilization is also going to focus on space exploration. In the orbit of the Earth, the Moon and Mars, the first cities will arise in which thousands of people will live. Their lives will resemble the earthly ones that will take place in metropolises. Futurologists believe that ultimately terrestrial and space cities will only differ in names.

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