Do you want to be successful on YouTube? Well, here we go!

As the latest research shows, it is the channels on these two issues that are currently the most popular all over the world and attract crowds of subscribers, so it is worth making the most of it.

Pew Research Center looked at over 40,000 YouTube channels with at least 250,000 subscribers that existed at the end of 2018, analyzing their materials from the first week of this year, which gives the result of nearly 250,000 films lasting a total of nearly 49,000 hours. There is no denying that this is already quite substantial research material on the basis of which reliable conclusions can be drawn regarding global popularity trends on this website.

And these are the following, among all the materials analyzed by Pew Research Center, 17% were in English and they could boast of the most popularity, generating nearly 100,000 views during the first week of presence on the channel, compared to 50,310 views for other languages.

Among English-language materials, materials related to video games are extremely popular, because a separate analysis of 30,000 English-language films revealed that 18% of them are related to gaming. These could boast an average of 122,000 page views and were watched longer than other types of movies. In contrast, the least popular topic is politics, which appeared only in 4% of the surveyed films, which may suggest that users are fed up with it in traditional media.

The issue of the popularity of materials with or aimed at children should not be overlooked, because, as we learn from the report, each video with a child under the age of 13 collects nearly 3 times more views than material on other topics, despite the fact that YouTube requires from their users to be more than 13 years old: – This small subcategory of movies that were created for children or appeared in children, especially up to 13 years old, was more popular in terms of the number of views, than every other we examined in this topic report. No wonder that the authors of these channels are hostile to Google’s new idea, i.e. transferring this content to YouTube Kids, which can significantly reduce their reach.

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