The largest road rollercoaster in the world: GPS can’t help you here!

Residents of the city of Guiyang and tourists traveling through the Qianchun knot, they must count only on their senses, because no navigation can handle in such conditions. See this roadheadedness on film.

Even from looking at this node of the most important roads running through the province of Kuejczou, you can panic, and when we hear that the roads are there on 5 levels and consist of 11 flyovers, which lead in as many as 8 different directions, you can get a white fever.

But it is not such a devil that they paint it. The natives are good at orientation, and the inhabitants of other regions of the country reach their destination without any major problems, because the road service has perfectly marked the whole node. The construction of Qianchun lasted for 8 years and cost tens of millions of dollars.

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