The first extraterrestrial child will be born in 2024!

The time has come when humanity, as never before in its history, has found itself within reach of fulfilling the dream of becoming a cosmic civilization. They will initiate this first birth in space.

SpaceLife Origin has announced that they want to make the first and very important step that will be the first birth of an extraterrestrial baby. The aim of the company’s representatives is the birth of a new human race in colonies on the Moon, Mars and other objects traversing the Solar System.

For several months, scientists have been cooperating with experts from the biophysics laboratory of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who have vast experience in all sorts of breakneck, cosmic challenges. The project provides for three space missions. They eventually result in the birth of the first cosmic child. Everything indicates that the child will be a citizen of Russia. The first of the missions was named Arka, which is a reference to Noah’s Ark, and assumes sending a capsule in 2020 that contains human genomes. It is supposed to be a kind of insurance policy for humanity, if a global cataclysm occurred on Earth.

The second mission will be Lotos. During it, in a special capsule called Space-Embryo-Incubator, human beings would fly into orbit in 2021. Researchers will do experiments to find out how the conditions for the formation of human embryos in space look like. Then they will return to Earth and go to the laboratories. From the embryos, by the In Vitro method, children are to come to the world. Meanwhile valuable knowledge will be used in the final and most important mission.

Representatives of the SpaceLife Origin company want to send a pregnant woman along with several astronauts to orbit on board a spacecraft. The crew is to spend 24 to 36 hours on the International Space Station, during which there is to be a childbirth.

When a cosmic child comes into the world, a woman, child and crew are to return to Earth. Everything sounds beautiful, but it will not be as easy to implement. The company did not reveal the details of how safely a pregnant woman wants to deliver to the orbit and how she will receive a birth 400 km above the surface of our planet. If all goes well, we can talk about writing a completely new chapter in the history of the flowering of our civilization before our eyes.

Well, let’s live it, see.

In the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed.

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