ATLAS robot is just like Terminator #futurism

In the ranks of the US army, the ATLAS humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics will be coming soon. As we can see in the latest film, the machine is not afraid of anything and bravely deals with the hardships of the murderous test.

ATLAS has been developed by engineers for several years. Every year, he surprises us with his amazing abilities. It can move without power cables, keep balance, lift weights, run, jump, and even do a full somersault.

On the latest film prepared by people from Corridor, we can see what the latest version looks like in action. It must be admitted that he is shocked by his efficiency, resilience and determination in performing his assigned tasks. The boys did not dress up in order to make the machine work harder.

However, it is fully justified, as this type of robots will in the future take part in all sorts of rescue operations. Therefore, there can be no discount for them in matters of training and testing when human life is at stake.

To clarify, this is the latest action of the Corridor group that specializes in CGI. In the second movie, you can see how all the tests looked like from the kitchen at all. Look, you will be surprised. Well, we just have to wait for more, more advanced versions of this machine that will come close to those of the above films.

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