Black Friday jumps to Europe! Ready? Really?

American super holly shopping day Black Friday is getting more famous in Europe. We can find thousands of ads and sales on this day in all over the world now. But, do you know what exactly Black Friday is?

Black Friday is an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November, which has been regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term “Black Friday” did not become widely recognised or used until the 1980s or later in some regions.

If you ask us, it’s an American shopping day or week. By the way, we say ‘week‘, because now it starts on Friday and ends by the next Friday, usually. Even not only in US, but all over the world.

Even if they change its name in some countries, still they use the same system to encourage people to buy many things that they don’t even need. Anyway, it’s not our issue. What we are focus on is that it’s an American day and that’s why the most powerful sales are being in the United States of America. Obviously in hundreds of countries there are such an event. However, USA is the best in this point. It’s obvious.

What we see in other European countries about Black Friday is that they really have been integrated to this ‘day’ very qucikly. What do you think?

Anyway, let’s jump to Google and look it up what’s coming to you on Black Friday this year.

This year it’s on 23rd of November, 2018. Are you really ready?

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