Say good bye to credit cards!

As technology comes into our lives, cards have started to leave our wallets. Sure, we cannot live without credit cards. However, they become more digitalized. What’s next?

Scientists work on the better chipsets for the credit cards. However, very soon, cards will be lost and we won’t need them anymore.

The first top proof of this argument is mobile apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We already have started using these apps for our shoppings. But in the future, there will be only one option for that. You will add all the cards to your apps and go to the malls.

You may ask us: isn’t it early to talk about? Little yes. But not that much. Why do you keep many cards in one wallet? Apps allow you to take them for you.

millions of people have started switching to mobile payment systems. Like always, the first is America (USA), and later Europe. We will see what’s next.

Once upon a time, we were asking what ‘paypass’ is. Now, it’s becoming a very old technology, as mobile payment systems are getting into our life very fast.

Anyway, we will see all together the future of this amazing technology. Just keep in mind that, it’s very hard to follow the technology up nowadays.

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