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Greetings from the biggest and the most crowded countries of the South America, Brazil. We have been researching on ‘Brazil Startup Ecosystem’ that definitely you want to know about!

There is a techno seed platform in Brazil to encourage startups to get succeed. It’s almost impossible to discover all the ecosystems related to startups in Brazil within only a short research paper like this one. But as we used to live in  São Paulo, we would love to share with you all we know (or try to do so).

Brazil is one of the fastest rising economies in the world. With over 200 million of population, a growing middle class, and the 7th largest economy by nominal GDP, Brazil has a lot to offer.

The startup scene in various countries in Latin America has been buzzing for a while now. Brazil has seen an increase in the number of startups and investments in the ecosystem in recent years, especially in cities like São Paulo and Florianopolis.

As E-commerce sector is rapidly increasing in the country, with great projects, StartUp entrepreneurs decided to draw a better way to get succeed. According to E-Bit, e-commerce intelligence firm, over 51.5 million different people made shopping online in Brazil, in 2014. About 10 million people of that number did it first time in their life. When we compare it with previous years, number has increased very rapidly.

California-based SVB Capital invested in Brazilian venture capital firms last year through a $340 million fund. “The Brazil economy in the next 10 years will be one of the third or fourth largest economies in the world.” says Aaron Gershenberg, a managing partner at SVB. This is a very important review for Brazil’s future investors.

There are many successful projects in Brazil. One of them is NuBank, gives digital finance services and provides secure digital credit card systems via smart devices. VC Sequoia, from Silicon Valley, invested 14.3 Million USD to the NuBank. This is one of the most valuable investment in Brazil.

NuBank, gives digital finance services and provides secure digital credit card systems via smart devices.

Google Campus to Brazil!

“Brazilians have entrepreneurship in their blood.” Google says. Despite many obstacles and often a lack of resources, Brazilians continue to rise to the challenge, innovate, and create great businesses.

There are only few Google Campuses around the world and one of them is going to be in São Paulo, Brazil. This is a great news for Brazilians startups and also for entrepreneurs who are looking for new targets in South America.

Young generation is going to train much better with their projects and get ready for the future’s challenges thanks to Google Campus. That’s why this is a great opportunity for Brazilians to host Google Campus in São Paulo.

Many events, camps, fairs and organizations will be held in Google Campus São Paulo. Then, startups can meet the venture capitals to build a great future for the Internet life.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of reasons to invest or build startup projects in Brazil. We will be posting some of our articles here about investing in Brazil, from time to time.

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