6 books that every entrepreneur must read!

We live in the age of the Internet. If you are planning to be entrepreneur in this internet world, then we recommend you to start reading these books.

Obviously there are much more books that we must have a look and read. However we are listing six books that every entrepreneur must read.

The books we share with you today, will wide your horizons and perhaps help you to take strong steps in your entrepreneurial life.

Let’s begin!

#1 Our Iceberg Is Melting
Author: John Kotter

Although it is a book that is recommended to children and teacher candidates in the USA and the UK, entrepreneurs must definitely read it. There are such beautiful messages about leadership and team working that you will start acting even before the book ends.

Where to buy: Amazon.

#2 How To Win Friends And Influence People
Author: Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie, who pays particular attention to human relations, friends and how we can meet influential people, helps entrepreneurs in networking. You can learn new tips, learn how to gain people and expand your network.

Where to buy: Amazon.

#3 A Paperboy’s Fable
Author: Deep Patel

This short book gives a great example of how success is achieved by working hard and dedicated to your work. In the book, Patel interviews successful CEOs and other influential businessmen and lets you understand that you can achieve success if you want so.

Where to buy: Amazon.

#4 Originals
Author: Adam Grant

Looking at the world from different perspectives often allows you to see different small details. Recommended by many business leaders such as Richard Branson, the Virgin’s owner, this book is full of clues that will help you find different solutions that can change the world.

Where to buy: Amazon.

#5 The Startup Playbook
Author: David S. Kidder

This book must have been on our list. Simply put, The Startup Playbook is a book where you can find everything you need to know before you start a Startup initiative. The author of the book, David Kidder, has written as a successful entrepreneur himself, for future entrepreneurs, so for you!

Where to buy: Amazon.

#6 Girlboss
Author: Sophia Amoruso

The founder of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso, shared her success and how she got to the current position. Be prepared to listen to a beautiful success story, or, in the right word, to be a very successful business woman from periods of no five penny money.

Where to buy: Amazon.

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