Instagram comes with new features!

One of the most famous apps, Instagram, plans to surprise its users with new features. Get ready for the new updates.

Now you will be able to get notifications while using the Instagram on Lite and browsers as well. It means, without downloading the app, you will have chance to get notifications on Instagram’s website once you logged in. This is same for Instagram’s Lite version.

Unfortunately we cannot use DM or video uploading features either on browser or Lite version yet. However, other features are ready to use wherever we logged in, even on browser.

Instagram Lite has launched only in Mexico for now. Authorities from the company say that thanks to Lite version, people will be able to use Instagram even if they have a very old and low featured smartphones. This is an awesome idea. First, Facebook walked into this point very early. Now, Instagram says the same thing (we’re not surprised as usual).

Yes, let’s see the new updates together. Keep following Global Weby!

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