Twitter’s bug: they might read your direct messages!

Social network’s one of the most popular platform Twitter has over 350 millions of members all over the world. However, a very important bug has been detected on this platform.

Because of this bug, they might read your direct messages. The bug has been detected by developers. After all, Twitter has been solved the issue and fixed the bugs. They say, around 1% of the members might be effected of this bug. That means, around 3,5 millions users…

The problem is that, this bug has been very active on Twitter for over 16 months, as they officially say. So, the question is very clear: How can we trust Twitter anymore? You should answer by yourself.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to do for those who lost their important datas to ‘bad hands’.

We all use Twitter to connect to the world. That’s why we really hope this will never ever happen again. But we are sure that, trusting social media 100% is a big mistake for everyone.

Anyway, keep following Global Weby!

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