London to New York in an hour? Why not?

Where will the next supersonic aircraft come from, and when will it take off for the first time? This is the news that Boeing has unveiled a rendering of its vision of the future. Are you ready?

This is a theoretical “hypersonic” plane, capable of flying at a speed of around 3,900 miles per hour – Concorde had a maximum capability of 1,354 miles per hour at its fullest throttle.

Hypersonic flight | How long it would take from London to…
Paris: 4 minutes
Venice: 11 minutes
Athens: 23 minutes
Dubai: 52 minutes
New York: 53 minutes
Tokyo: one hour 31 minutes
Cape Town: one hour 32 minutes
Los Angeles: two hours 14 minutes
Sydney: two hours 42 minutes

Based on Mach 5 speed of 3,900 miles per hour.

Of course, such speed records are a long way into the future. Boeing itself admits that any such aircraft could only be airborne in “20 or 30 years”, depending on the progress of the project – but also insists that such a technological leap is entirely feasible.

“We are excited about the potential of hypersonic technology to connect the world faster than ever before,” says Kevin Bowcutt, Boeing’s chief scientist of hypersonics.

So, we are waiting to see the first flight, from London to New York. We hope to get it sooner, not in 20 years, but really sooner.

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